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APCI offers a vast range of construction and related services as your one-stop-construction-solution Company.  We aspire to meet and exceed client’s expectation in the most cost-effective way by careful study and research for the proper implementation of product and process innovations in the market. Moreover APCI guarantees safety in the workplace by ensuring that our team are properly trained in safety and that we are fully compliant with all the necessary requirements for a Hazard and Accident  Free Workplace. Be our partner. We would really glad to have a long-term business with you, please do contact us in any of our social media portal, drop us an email or give us a call. 


We look forward to build large scale infrastructure. The demand for buildings, flood control structure, roads and bridges construction is increasing, we aim to contribute on these progress.

Commercial & Residential

Most people aspire to have their own house as the basic necessities of life, A+ helps these clients to acquire their dream house through our professional expertise, We   can do it from design to execution.

Furniture Fabrication

As part of finishing and fit-out work, the vital part is choosing the appropriate furniture based on the design/perspective. We also provide supplying/customizing furniture that are needed specifically for a project.

Other Architectural & Designing Services

We offer design services and consulting services for any project requirements you need.

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