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The coffee bean and tea leaf

Project Name: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Kiosk – Makati Medical Center

Project type: Fabrication of the Kiosk, Fit-out and installation

Project size: 10sqm

Project duration: 15 days

Scope of Works:  Fabrication of the Kiosk including the synthetic stone as façade, flooring, installation of the stall.

Short description of the Project:  The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Kiosk, is located in Tower 3 Cafeteria of Makati Medical Center in Makati. It is housed inside the Hospitals Cafeteria which caters doctors, patients and even guests. The kiosk was fabricated according to the design given by CBTL, from the wood works, to the synthetic stones, up to the installation of the Kiosk.

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